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Warhead Arrow Co.

Team Fitzgerald’s Deer Dander 4 oz.

Team Fitzgerald’s Deer Dander 4 oz.

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Millions of Fans Can’t Be Wrong!!

Deer Dander is the greatest and first “Chill Out” premium deer scent attractant hybrid - since 1993!! Works to disguise human scent rather than eliminate it.

  • 30 Years on the Market

  • Simply spray on your boots, clothes, gloves, other gear, and your surroundings to cover up your scent.

  • Contains no urines, gland extractions, or other animal by-products.

  • Legal for use in states where using deer urines is banned. Biggest & Most Loyal Following!

  • For best results, store at room temp or in the fridge.

  • Works miracles on all species of deer, elk, moose, and caribou! All year long in all regions!!

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