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Warhead Arrow Co.



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The new Frenzy arrow from Warhead Arrow Co. has our favorite bow hunting related Bible verse “Genesis 27:3” printed on every shaft. They are a .204 shaft and are available in a 300, 350, or 400 spine. Each arrow has a 67 grain stainless steel insert with an aluminum sleeve to give you a better FOC for improved accuracy and more kinetic energy. Thus providing you with a great all-around big game hunting arrow. They are available with either blazer vanes, AAE Max Stealth Vanes, or unfletched shafts.

Comes w/ 67 grain post & Sleeve and AAE IP5 red nocks

+/- .003 - .001 straightness / 32” lenght


Spine.   ID.    OD.    GPI

    300  .204  .269   9.4

    350  .204   .267    9

    400  .204   .263    8.4

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